Recent Data from the 2017 Maryland Report Card

Below is an excerpt from a presentation provided by Karen Salmon, PhD, State Superintendent of Schools

2017 Math Parcc

Bottom line – I’d like to see our Bowie community come together and have a conversation to improve math proficiency. At the state level, the scores for math proficiency drop from 43% in third grade to 16.8% in eighth.

Read on to see more info on schools in Bowie and elsewhere

2017 Parcc Elementary

Discussion of Research Study: Does the PARCC test measure college readiness?

2017 Parcc middle

Very important note – In some cases, the proportion that “Exceeded Expectations”(not shown here) might surpass the % that “Met Expectations.”

2017 Pacc High

Elementary school – Interesting to see the strong showing at Whitehall and Heather Hills when compared to a few schools in other counties

Middle school – Math scores lag behind English by 10-20 points, a general and worrisome trend that’s probably a nationwide issue.  Scores for Benjamin Tasker and Samuel Ogle are lower than results at the state level

High school –  The wide gap between English and math scores at the middle schools likely contributes to the pattern we observe as students continue onto Bowie HS.  I’m aware that Benjamin Tasker made learning tools available to students this summer.   In the coming months, it would be great to see our community come together to discuss  strategies to boost proficiency, especially related to math, grades 4 to 12

See also Bowie Blade article on recent 2017 PARCC results

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