Live in Bowie, MD? Great, let’s talk about the public schools.

Bowie, MD is home to approximately 58,000 people, and about 25% of the population is under age 18, according to the most recent census data.  If my math is correct, that means almost 14,000 young persons eligible to attend public schools in Bowie.   I’ve had countless conversations along the years, where people would discuss all the great things they love about living here.  Beautiful neighborhoods, a diverse population, a strong job market, a reasonable commute to D.C., and access to major forms of transportation, to name a few. Inevitably, the conversations would lead to a discussion about the quality of the public schools.  Namely, our desire to have access to high performing public schools that rival highly ranked schools in neighboring counties.

I created this blog to provide a forum for conversations about all things related to education and educational enrichment in Bowie, MD.  I’m particularly interested in identifying strategies to strengthen public schools, in terms of academic performance and community perception.  I’m also interested in using this forum to house tons of ready-to-use information related to supporting the college and career readiness of youth in Bowie, as well as family friendly places to visit.

A lot of families in Bowie are talking about education and enrichment. If you find the discussions useful, let me know, and invite others to join the conversations.

Thanks for your time,

Llew Brown

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